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Creating a video resume | Tips & Tricks

Creating a video resume | Tips & Tricks

As we speak, potential employers are being flooded with traditional resumes. Of course, your dream job is no exception. 

Job hunting is an ultra-fierce game. Recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers are looking for more than just a LinkedIn-esque list of specific skills and timeline of work history. In fact, when the stakes are high and your job search has led you to that one unmissable opportunity, the ability to sell yourself beyond your resume and cover letter becomes a necessity.

"Make a good video resume in minutes – no video editing skills required!"

Nowadays, the way your average job seeker applies for a job (aka printed paper resume or basic resume template) hasn’t evolved to reflect how employers are hiring. Today’s right hire needs to have more than just a fitting set of hard skills – it’s about fitting in with core values, beliefs, and behaviours, too.

So how would a hopeful candidate communicate all that in a single job application?

Cue PreviewMe – a video resume maker, video editor, and video production platform all in one. 

Video resumes are one of the most effective ways to demonstrate less tangible—but highly sought after—skills and assets for future employers. Things like your attitude, communication skills, enthusiasm, work ethic, and more.   

Plus, PreviewMe provides all the tools you need to make a good video resume in minutes – no video editing skills required! 

Getting Started

Although video resumes do save you from any regrettable typos or funky formatting errors, there is still a bit of 'video CV etiquette' to consider before hitting record, let's break it down.

Your wardrobe
You may be virtual but it's still an interview. Dress as you would for a face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer. It doesn't have to be uncomfortably formal (unless that's exactly what your dream job requires). Let your style shine; just make sure it's not overshadowed by a toothpaste smear or green speck in your teeth. 

Your background
You've seen the screengrabs online; the unexpected cameo in the background of a Zoom call that's destined to go viral. Great for content, not so much for your career. Give your surroundings a quick once-over before you record that perfect take that ends up having to be rerecorded.

Your lighting
If the point is to be seen, make sure you can be! This one is simple, but so often overlooked. Be sure to record in a space with plenty of natural light, and if there's one main source, look towards it to avoid casting any dark and distracting shadows across your face. This is especially important if you're recording with your webcam that might not film at the highest quality. 

Your script
Just like anything else you're aiming to succeed in, preparation is key. Make sure you draft a video script in advance: learn it, recite it, and get an outsider's opinion. That way, come filming, your communication skills and glowing personality won't be dampened by any jitters. We know not everyone's born a lead actor or polished news presenter, so we've done what we can to get you as close as possible with PreviewMe's inbuilt teleprompter. Hello, clear head and sustained eye contact! 

Your delivery
Your video resume should be short and to the point. A potential employer wouldn't want pages of a CV, just like they wouldn't want a feature-length film. Aim for anything between 30-60 seconds long. If that's simply not enough time, tackle the content in chapters; PreviewMe allows you to create new chapters for different talking points. That way you're not creating one long video, but instead, a selection of 30-second clips that will keep recruiters, hiring managers, and employers engaged. Doing this enables the viewer to watch the video as one, or skip through chapters. 

Pro tip: Separating them into chapters lets you track how engaging—or more importantly, not engaging—each section is, giving you the chance to improve your online videos as you learn! 

Lastly, rule number one: be yourself! Unless you are quite literally applying for a role in front of the camera, there's no need to stress. Video resumes give you the opportunity to demonstrate your soft skills and make your introduction, before the introduction! .

"Be yourself!"

If you have any questions, the team at PreviewMe is always ready to help. Get started on our website where we guide you through the process and help you use video recordings to nail that submission; leave a lasting impression; and get one step closer to your dream job. 

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