GIFs in email | The low down!

GIFs in email | The low down!

GIFs are a popular and effective way to increase engagement in email outreach and their use is two pronged!

Some key benefits of using animated GIFs and personalised videos in your email campaigns:

Grab Attention

Animated GIFs can capture your recipient's attention, making your email stand out in their inbox. When paired with a personalized video, they become even more engaging and can help to keep your recipients interested. 

Increase Engagement

By using animated GIFs and personalised videos, you can increase the engagement rate of your emails. Videos are proven to increase click-through rates, and personalized videos can help build trust and establish a connection by enabling you to convey emotion and personality.

But where’s the proof? 

One of our recent campaigns that contained short form video presented as a clickable GIF had an open rate of 43.5%, a CTR (click-through-rate) of 6% and a CTOR (click-to-open-rate) of 13.5%

To give you an idea, that's 3 x the standard CTR for our industry which sits at a mere 2%. The power of short form video is real!

The lowdown on GIFs and spam filters

It's true that spam filters are constantly evolving. The good news is that GIFs have become so popular that the chances of them triggering a re-direct to the spam folder are very small! Spammers often use email attachments to harm the recipient which is why it is best to avoid sending video as an attachment. By using optimised GIFs with a link though to your video you will grab your recipients attention and avoid the spam filter! It's important to be mindful of your content and file size of your GIFs. These actions will reduce the chances of your email being flagged by spam filters and reduce your email load time.

Dont forget! 

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is getting emails delivered to the intended recipients inbox, rather than being filtered out by spam. To overcome this challenge, most CRM platforms use spam checkers to analyze email content and structure to identify potential issues that could trigger spam filters. These spam checkers help businesses avoid spam filters and ensure that their emails reach their target audience. By using spam checkers, CRM platforms can improve email deliverability rates, enhance customer engagement, and maintain positive customer relationships. Overall, the use of spam checkers is an essential component of modern CRM platforms and is crucial for businesses looking to establish a successful email marketing strategy. Put simply - your CRM is already doing the work for you! 

To name a few of the CRM platforms using spam checkers:

In summary

Short form video is one of the most powerful tools in your sales toolbox. By inserting a GIF inside the body of your email that links through to your video, instead of sending video as an attachment, you are giving yourself a greater chance of grabbing your prospects attention, increasing their engagement and staying out of their spam folder! If you're worried, remember that your CRM platform has your back on this! They will always raise a red flag if your content doesn't pass the sniff test.

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