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For retail Businesses

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PreviewMe offers a simple and intuitive workflow for both you and your applicants

  • Receive more contextualised job applications with the use of video
  • Use invitations to request and receive Previews from applicants easily for any type of recruitment
  • Easily review and share your applicants Previews with team members
  • Understand an applicant's attitude and aptitude before you meet them with video
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For retail applicants

Promote your business, services or job opportunities more effectively

Use business Previews to curate, capture and share the right information with the right audience

  • Select a Preview template to help tailor your story, message, or opportunity
  • Access teleprompter and editing tools to create more professional content first time around
  • Publish, share and monitor performance
  • Video Interviewing Makes Retail Recruitment a BreezeRetail recruiting involves facing unique, industry-specific challenges. Hiring for retail positions is often a time consuming, labour-intensive, and sometimes very expensive affair. Not to mention high turnover of staff (it may seem like you’re always hiring!), ensuring diversity of candidates, anticipating seasonal demands (Christmas comes too fast!), and shift and casual work considerations.However, automated video interviewing – particularly for high-volume retail hiring – significantly reduces many of these pain points and improves overall accuracy.
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"We found PreviewMe an extremely effective, fun and engaging method for screening a large number of applications for Graduate programmes. Sharing Previews and videos with the client to review was quick and easy as well."

Pete Stuart
Managing Director,
Lynx Recruitment,
New Zealand

"What we like best about PreviewMe is the ability to ‘Preview’ a candidate in a video – with PreviewMe a video is now worth a thousand words. Feedback from candidates is also very positive as they are able to portray who they are in a video – something words on paper doesn’t always do."

Ed Lim
Hudson Gavin Martin, Lawyers

"The use of videos in our graduate recruitment was a pretty pivotal part of the process so being able to share a video introducing ourselves was a great feature and really encouraged a lot more candidates to apply."

Penina Drysdale
HR Advisor,
NZX Exchange

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