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4 individual previews at any one time
1 business preview at any one time
Basic performance analytics
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Unlimited individual previews
Unlimited business previews
Advanced performance analytics
Custom business branding
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Unlimited individual previews
Unlimited business previews
Advanced performance analytics
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Customer questions & answers

What is a Preview?

A Preview packages up all of your videos, documents and other text content into a private, trackable link that can be shared with third parties.

Previews are separated into two types; Individual and Business.

Individual Previews are curated to help you promote yourself for anything from jobs to scholarships, even flats and you can have up to 4 published at any one time on our Free plan.

Business Previews are curated to help you promote your business, products, services, jobs or even pitch for investment and you can have 1 published at a time on our Free plan.

What is an Invitation?

Invitations are for businesses wanting to recruit with video.

An Invitation lets you or or your business select the type of Preview you want to receive from applicants when they apply for an opportunity (eg - a job opening, or an investment pitch).

Once you've selected the type of Preview you want to receive and added any instructions (such as what videos you want created or documents you want added) PreviewMe generates an Invitation link that you can share publicly or privately through digital channels.

Anyone with that link can then create the Preview in response to your ‘invitation' - these are called 'Invitation Responses’. The published Previews are captured in your PreviewMe account in a structured and coherent way for you to review in your own time.

What plan is right for me?

Free Plan:

Limited number of Published Previews at any one time, access to free themes, all video creation and sharing tools.

Best for individuals who want to supplement their applications with video.

Basic (USD$9.99 per month):

Unlimited number of Published Previews (both Individual and Business) at any one time, access to more customisation and Preview performance analytics.

Best for Businesses who as part of their digital strategy are wanting to promote their business, services or job opportunities with video and better understand how their audiences engages with their content.

Best for individuals who are promoting themselves for large numbers of jobs simultaneously and want to understand how their Previews are performing when viewed.

Professional (USD$49.99 per month):

All of Basic plus access to Invitations to request Previews from applicants in response to job opportunities, rate and screen Previews from applicants.

Best for businesses who are hiring (whether one offs or all year around) and want to introduce video into their recruitment and screening process. Can be used as a stand alone tool or in conjunction with existing recruitment software.

Is there scope for more customisation if I sign up?

Want to customise the types of Previews you (or your business) want to create and share or receive from candidates as part of an Invitation? No problem!

We can develop bespoke templates that are unique to you or your business and needs - the template is then loaded in your account to be used as you please.

Note: this services is only available for customers on our Professional Plan and the cost for creating custom Previews/Invitations will vary depending on what you require.

Contact our sales team to find out more.