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Why use PreviewMe?

Stand Out

Use video to introduce yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Publish & Share

Create a Preview that can be shared with employers anywhere, anytime.

Track Performance

Track and monitor how your Previews are performing.


Bring your application to life

  • Introduce yourself to employers at the start of the hiring process
  • Showcase your personality, attitude & aptitude
  • Create professional video content with easy to use features including teleprompter & editing tools
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Create & Share Previews

  • Upload or record video, attach supporting documents & hit publish
  • Share your Preview link or QR Code via job portals, email or social channels
  • Re-use your videos and documents simultaneously across multiple Previews (work smarter... not harder!)
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Analytics & Privacy

Use insightful analytics to help land your dream job

  • Understand how your Previews are performing with your own analytics dashboard
  • Know when your Previews are being viewed and the number of document downloads
  • Your information is precious - and it's yours! Control your data by unpublishing Previews at any time.
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"Thanks to PreviewMe I was able to better market myself and secure a job I love. It is simple, intuitive and made creating and sharing my Previews to employers quick and easy. Everyone should give it a try."

Gurpreet S.
IT Professional

"I really enjoyed using PreviewMe. The video functionality allowed me to more effectively communicate my personality in my application. Not having to re-enter my details for each application was awesome."

Josie D.

"PreviewMe made the process of applying for a new job much easier. I really enjoyed using their tele-prompting and video tools. I believe all job seekers would benefit from creating a Preview with PreviewMe."

Joseph R.
Graduate Analyst

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