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Why use PreviewMe Business?

Find the Right Talent

Amplify your recruitment capabilities using our world-class suite of tools.


Communicate clearly and concisely to key stakeholders with video content.


Meet & Screen Candidates Digitally

  • Meet more candidates in less time
  • Advance the right people to the interview stage
  • Get a better feel for candidate fit early on
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PreviewMe Invitations

Proactively invite candidates to apply with video

  • Create and share your invitation in minutes
  • Capture all your video applications in one place
  • Quickly compare candidates and identify standouts
  • Build and manage your own talent pools
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Make better decisions as a team

  • Easily review & share Previews with colleagues or clients
  • Access & manage multiple accounts from one place
  • Add team members to your organisation
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Use video to communicate more effectively

  • Bring your business to life with internal or external video communications
  • Promote your business, services or jobs
  • Measure the quality of your comms with analytics
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Meet more candidates in less time
PreviewMe Invitations

Inundated with CV's?

Video lets you vet candidates faster than ever before. Create shortlists to share with team members and hiring managers.

Overlooking good talent?

It's impossible to assess a candidates attitude, aptitude and cultural fit on a CV alone. There is no better way to meet the person, before you meet the person! Get it right the first time.

Short on time? 

Set up ave time on .

Reuseable Assets

Save time by re-using your videos and information across multiple Previews. Share via email, social channels, job portals or even SMS.

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