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One video tool for the whole team.

Make an impact in every outreach.

video for recruitment
internal & external communication

The only video tool you need.

  • Increase email CTR by including video in your outreach
  • Pitch for work and present to clients using professional templates that house all of your information on one page
  • Send quick video comms internally or externally
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promotion your business
promotion marketing
video-led applications

Spend less time reading resumes and more time meeting people.

  • Meet more candidates
  • Advance the right people to the interview stage
  • Get a better feel for candidate fit early on
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previewme invitations

Invite candidates to
apply with video

  • Create and share Invitations in minutes
  • Capture all applications in one place
  • Quickly compare candidates and identify standouts
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business video maker
business promotion
previewme analytics

Understand viewer engagement

  • Monitor how viewers are engaging with your content
  • Track opens, views and downloads
  • Edit or unpublish at any time
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